Manage Spam And Mailing Lists In Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Customer Care NumberMailing is an important feature. This mode of communication is useful for personal as well as professional purposes. A number of advancements are seen in mailing services. Along with so many advantages, everything has some disadvantages, so does mailing services. One of the most frustrating drawbacks is getting unwanted mails and spam. This problem is faced by almost every user. Yahoo filters these mails automatically. It suspects the spam messages and prevents you from receiving these mails. It works well but if you still get loads of spam, you can manually mark them as spam. You can also unsubscribe that particular mail address from mailing list. Like every other application of yahoo managing spams in yahoo inbox is also very easy but in case you need help you may directly obtain it from Yahoo Technical Support Number.

Mark emails as spam: You can mark the mail as spam.

  • Select the mail you want to mark as spam.
  • Click on spam.
  • You can also follow alternate way. Under spam you can find the following options:

Report spam: This is for unsolicited mails.

Report a hacked account: This consists of the mails that are from an abnormal sender. Here much information about the sender is not provided.

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Report a phishing spam: This type of mails appear to be from a legitimate company. They are not actually from such company and contain spam information.

Not my mail: These mails are received by you but are actually meant for somebody else.

Mark emails as not spam: After marking the mails as spam, you can again mark them as general.

  • Click on the spam mail.
  • Select the email.
  • Then click on not spam option at the top of the page. With this, email will return back to inbox.

Unsubscribe from mailing lists: You can find the option to unsubscribe in the bottom of any subscription based mail. You can easily find the option to unsubscribe. With this you will not ever receive mails from that address. You can also subscribe it anytime.

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Tips to avoid spam in the future:

  • Never reply to unknown senders.
  • Do not give your email address to unknown senders.
  • Do not reply to unknown subscriptions.
  • There are various sites that say that they will remove your mail address from spam lists. They would prevent you from receiving spam mails. Some of these sites are legitimate ones while most of them are fake websites. Their intention is to collect your information and this can be used by spammers.

If you positively follow easy steps as suggested by yahoo you may keep yourself away from spams and other risks that these spam can cause. Spams are a method often used by online hackers to get to information which can be used in wrong way but in case users are not aware that what exactly must be done to face these types of situation they must immediately make a call to Yahoo Customer Service Number.

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