Important Applications Of Yahoo – Fire Eagle and Yahoo Pure

Yahoo has been long working on providing efficient customer oriented applications for its users. Being a medium of so many application linked directly with the mail platform yahoo has been an enhanced platform and thus widely used by millions of users worldwide. Yes yahoo is looked upon for high end mail services but all this additional applications makes users experience enhanced over yahoo platform. All this yahoo applications are enhanced and user friendly still if in case user face any issue using any of yahoo application they may obtain easy help from yahoo contact number.

Yahoo has been long delivering enhanced provider of various useful applications. Being a center of plenty of applications it keeps on working on its various applications which its each update it closes some applications and successfully launch the other applications so that user can get the enhanced version of all its applications. Yahoo being such a wonderful platform knows what it customers need and thus successfully work on its platform with its applications. Two of its important applications are Fire Eagle and Yahoo Pure.

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Fire Eagle :

Fire Eagle is another useful yahoo product.  Yahoo Fire Eagle is basically a location sharing service. This useful service of yahoo was launched on March 5, 2008. At initial it had only few features that let users manually update their location. Being a user friendly application like other existing yahoo application the yahoo fire eagle received yahoo user from time to time. It provided a range of APIs that allow app developers to update or access their location programmatically. Notably this application was an appreciable launch of yahoo and it offered a complete developers area for desktop, mobile, and web app creation. Fire Eagle is still available on yahoo and it allows users for updates from mobile devices and multiple Social Networking Sites as well.

yahoo fire eagle

Yahoo Pure :

Yahoo Pure is another used yahoo application. It is famous because it provides a set of small, responsive CSS modules for web provides. It has everything that can be used for effective web projects developments. It fulfills its user’s requirements who deal in developing a project. Other than this it also provides users with layouts and styling for native HTML elements. All this components comes in common UI format which makes it user friendly like other yahoo application. This yahoo product still exists and can be used by yahoo users.

yahoo pure

This are some of the yahoo products that can be used widely used by user all this are user friendly and customer oriented applications that are designed by yahoo for its users and further if user need help to any of them it is available at yahoo phone number i.e. +44 0800-090-3909.

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