How to Identify a Hacked Yahoo Account and Secure it ?

How to Identify a Hacked Yahoo Account and Secure it ?

Yahoo is most use network nowadays. There are many email platforms exists online that have many exclusive features and easy email exchange but there are no any service beat the Yahoo mailing service that is just because Yahoo provide the best service itself. But like other services there are also some problems arises with Yahoo mail service one of this problem is hacking Yahoo mail account.

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Some Warning signs arise when someone hacks your account. There we indicate some of these warnings if you see any of these that shows that your account is hacked so there are some simple and important steps which make your Yahoo account secure. If after that you not get the solution so you can directly contact our Yahoo Customer Service Number UK to get the instant solution we provide 24/7 solution any time.

Yahoo Account Hacking Signs

  • If you are not getting any emails.
  • If your email account is sending spam to your contacts.
  • If your account setting were changed without your permission.
  • If you see login on your recent activity page from unknown  area or location

Secure Your Account if You Have Doubt

  • Use two step verification process.
  • Now Change your account password by the new one, ensure it should be strong.
  • Update your Yahoo account recovery email information.
  • Now if you were done and get locked out, so use the sign-in helper.

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Analyze Your Yahoo Mail settings

If didn’t make any changes please check your account settings section. To get copies of Email you send or receive hackers could edit some of these. You can restore any setting if you needed.

You can access all your settings by using your desktop web browser on the setting option which is on the top right corner of the Yahoo Mail page. Signature, Filters, Auto-Forwarding, Sending name, Blocked addresses, Reply-to address .

From the above steps if you don’t get any solution or you even have any doubt, so directly contact our Yahoo Phone Number UK to get instant and best solution .

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