How to Delete Yahoo Mail Account Permanently (Quick Steps to Follow)

Yahoo Mail is one of the superior email service that suitable offers advanced platform to perform the mailing works. It provides lots of useful features to the users. You can create your own email account and thus you can manage your account in your desired manner. but many a times, you can create your account but you are no longer be able to access your account or you don’t have any work with your account, then you can easily delete your email account. Be sure that you no longer wish to access your account so you can delete your account easily. For doing this you can also get connect with Yahoo Phone Number 0800 090 3909 to avail useful and optimum measures to resolve the all issues.

Yahoo phone number

Follow the listed measures to perform the deletion process:

  •        At first, you may simply go to the page of Deleting My Yahoo Account and use your phone number to login to that page.
  •        After this, you may need to validate your password by typing the password in the password text box.
  •        Finally, you may click on the option of Delete this Account.

With the above mentioned steps, your email account will be permanently closed from all the devices.

Observe the measures to permanently close your email account:

  •        At first, you may simply login to your email account from your desired web browser.
  •        Then you may click on the Email account that you want to delete.
  •        After that, you will be automatically reached to the page where you can finish the deletion process of your email account.
  •        Now in the homepage of Yahoo, move your cursor over your Name and then choose the Account info.
  •        Then you may click on the links of help located at the top right side.
  •        After this, it would be your choice to choose an option of Create or Delete an account from the list, and then you may click on the close your Yahoo link.
  •        At last, you asked to enter your password to complete your deletion process.

At last it is important to read all the instructions carefully before you delete your yahoo page. You may be asked to verify your ID with your password and type the Captcha code and lastly, then press terminates this email account.

Keep the listed below points while deleting your email account:

  •        Ready your passwords while closing the Yahoo account.
  •        Only close your email account if you are sure that you don’t need in future.
  •        Keep in mind that if you delete your email account then your account may not be recoverable.
  •        So it is better to close your email account in case you change your mind or need your page back.
  •        Always close your account by going to Delete your Yahoo page.
  •        Now read the information under the Before Continuing option, further and verify your password to recover your email account.
  •        Finally click on the Delete option to delete your account permanently.

You may also make a call to the Yahoo Technical Support Number 0800 090 3909 to avail p[roper help and support.

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